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Together with the neighbouring Riccione and CattolicaRimini is one of the most famous Italian seaside resorts. Rimini was already well-known at the time of the Romans, as we can infer from monuments like the Arch of Augustusand the Tiberius Bridge, which is the only one in Europe where people can still pass.

But Rimini is even better known today, since it is considered the capital of hospitality, fun and culture. Northern, central and southern coastal areas are the successful trio of a town which is worth of the great director Federico Fellini.

In warm weather, the beaches between Torre Pedrera and Miramare as well as the four Rimini theme parks are full of tourists. DelphinariumEden ParkFiabilandia and Italy in miniature are just as famous as the seaside resorts that dot the coast and that are suitable for all tastes and all ages.

The old town centre with the Domus, the Sismondo Castle and the Malatesta Temple, the neighbouring Republic of San Marino and all the exhibitions of Rimini fair make Rimini come to life. Tourist coming all over the year can expect a right royal welcome in a town which is famous for its deep sense of hospitality.


Just like San Leo and San MarinoGradara rises in the Romagna hinterland. Despite its being very close to Miramare and the hotel Kadett, the town of Gradara is shrouded in a totally different atmosphere.

In less than half an hour you will pass from the colourful dynamism of the Adriatic coast to the peaceful settings of yore. Just like Paolo and Francesca, the famous lovers of the Divine Comedy, you will go round this Dantean town, following guided tours or even just the train of your thoughts.

You could visit the Castle, the small Borgo and the fortress, you could move on the rampart walks, or you could visit the historical museum, the San Giovanni church and even the olive garden.

If you arrived at the right moment you could also participate in events such as "Assedio al Castello", a historical recollection taking place in July, or "Gradara d'Amare", which will give you the opportunity to celebrate the Saint Valentine's Day in the castle of Paolo and Francesca.

In case you had some more time, seize the opportunity of tourist routes which connect Gradara to Urbino and to a number of other worth visiting places.


Riccione is known as the "green pearl" of the Adriatic sea and together with Rimini it is one of the most popular Italian seaside resorts. Being just a few kilometres from Miramare and from the hotel Kadett, the trendiest of all European towns is decidedly within reach.

In Riccione fashion is all around Viale Dante and viale Ceccarini are dotted with stylish shops and exclusive coffee bars. Young and fashionable tourist go through the beauties of Riccione and have fun in the restaurants, discotheques and clubs of the famous Riviera Romagnola.

As for accommodation facilities, they are just as smart as the tourists they welcome and they perfectly combine the four faces of this precious pearl. Riccione is a town for holidays and it offers a wide range of establishments, beaches andfamous discos.

Riccione is then a town for wellness, since it features top quality food and thermal baths. Riccione is also a sportsplace and basket, volley, soccer, tennis, gym are just a sample of all you could do on sand. Riccione is finally abusiness town which attracts a huge number of businessmen all over the year.

So basically Riccione is a town for everything and everybody, a place where you will enjoy the sun of Romagna and collect some of your happiest memories.

San Marino

With its unique three peaks, the Republic of San Marino overlooks the hills of the Marches and the fertile lands of the Emilia Romagna region. When you admire it from the Adriatic coast and from the hotel Kadett, San Marino looks like a postcard stuck on the hinterland, a sort of mountain silhouetted against the sky.

Whereas if you go up the three towers of San Marino, which are called Rocca, Cesta and Montale, the coast looks like a colourful strip of land on the horizon. A twenty minute drive will be enough in order to reach San Marino and check whether it is real.

You will have the opportunity to visit the nine "Castles" and the Ferrari Museum, to take the cableway which will take you further up to the twisting alleys of Città di San Marino, to gaze at the Palazzo Pubblico, the Basilica and the cheap goods sold in the typical shops of the town centre and in the big stores of the Serravalle district.

Breathtaking landscapes, millenary traditions and a lush vegetation colouring the panorama are the three assets of San Marino and of its Mount Titano. So go and enjoy this landlocked enclave which is entirely surrounded by Italy and seize the opportunity to make two holidays at a time.

San Leo

The town of San Leo rises in the Romagna hinterland, between the Marches and the Emilia Romagna regions. It is only 32 km far from Rimini, the capital of hospitality and entertainment, and just a few more steps from the hotel Kadett.

Which is a good reason to alternate the sunshine of the Adriatic coast with a trip to a town that even had Francis of Assisi and Dante as guests. After driving up a steep road and crossing the town threshold you will reach the wonderful square featuring a Romanesque parish church, the Cathedral, the Sacred Art Museum mounted in the Medicean Palace and the fortress where the count Cagliostro was imprisoned.

From this fortress lying at the top of San Leo rock spur you will admire the view of the Marecchia river valley and of the wonderful Adriatic sea. By gazing from afar at the coast where you are spending your holiday, you will fully grasp the value of the Riviera Romagnola.

So even if you went there only for the amazing scenery it offers, San Leo would decidedly be worth visiting.

Misano Adriatico

Sea, sport and culture are the main ingredients of the successful Misano Adriatico. This town is on the same Adriatic sea which gently laps also other seaside resorts. Just like Milano Marittima, Rimini, Riccione or Cattolica, Misano benefits from kilometres of sandy beaches surrounded by wonderful hotels.

The Misano coast is framed by the rivers Conca and Alberello and it is the perfect place to go for peaceful walks and relaxing sunbathing. Misano is the perfect match of sea and sport and is widely known as the land of motors.

The international Santamonica circuit draws a large audience of fans, which ask for good and numerous accommodation facilities. What is more, the hinterland of Misano is rich in art and history and boast places like Urbino and the Republic of San Marino, which give impetus to a lively cultural tourism.

Summer visitors and culture lovers can expect a right royal welcome in a town which is famous for its deeps sense of hospitality. A sense of hospitality which is also translated into the healthy food and the fashionable atmosphere of Portoverde, a little harbour that  s no way inferior to the trendiest Sardinian sites.

Santamonica Circuit

The international Santamonica circuit is a theme park for speed addicts. The Misano circuit is heaven for two and four-wheeler fans and every year it hosts the most important international sports events.

The MotoGP and the Superbike are among the races which attract the highest number of spectators. Together with motorcycle rallies and parties, these two events make the circuit come to life, giving everybody the opportunity to enjoy a circuit for big champions.

The circuit was kept on its toes by endless renovations. The track was lengthened to 4,180 metres and it now features a constant 12 metres width, with 14 jogs and 3 straight stretches. The seating capacity of the stands increased to over 18.500 and the total capacity of the circuit is now about 70,000 people.

These are right royal figures for a right royal Misano World Circuit, the worthy opponent of Monza, Imola and other famous international tracks. The circuit of services gravitating around the track is not less worth visiting and it is no distance from Rimini and from Miramare.

The hotel Kadett is therefore happy to welcome visitors, offering them top quality food and services.

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